Smoked Salmon Waffles

Waffles are the most requested breakfast item in our house and not just any waffles but yeast-raised waffles. This takes planning, you have to make the batter the night before.  These waffles come out light and airy with a crisp outside, the ultimate in waffles in our house.  The full recipe usually makes enough for leftovers which is another bonus.  This recipe has been our go to for waffles since it was published in the L.A. Times.  When I told my husband that smoked salmon waffles were on the rotation for French Fridays, I was surprised that he said he did not want them.  He does not like smoked salmon and neither do I but  I was willing to try anything especially if it is in a waffle.

Problem number 2, I don’t make waffles or pancakes and generally weekend breakfast.  That domain goes to my husband.  We have been married 14 years and I have never made the waffles, it is a marriage made in heaven.  So could I pull this off without messing it up?  I had visions of batter over flowing the sides or waffles sticking and breaking in two.

But alas our trusty Villaware waffle maker did not let me down and I managed to not spill or stick any waffles.

I ate 3/4 of one of these for lunch and it was very filling.  The creme fraiche was a nice accompaniment.  It was definitely a twist to have a savory waffle.  Although I enjoyed these while I ate them, they did leave an after taste of fish in my mouth which was no bueno.  If you would like to make these link here:  smoked salmon waffles.

We also made the chicken b’stilla.  My husband likes Moroccan food and we had chicken thighs and filo sheets on hand so we made it.  He made the filling and I did the filo sheets.  It mostly came out perfect but our bottom crust was a little soggy but delicious all the same.  Would definitely make this one again.

These recipes are part of my cooking adventures with an online cooking group French Fridays with Dorie as we cook our way through Around my French Table by Dorie Greenspan.

Piperade Stir-Fry

What we are making for French Fridays with Dorie.
These ingredients screamed fajitas to me so that is what I made.
Dorie says “Think of it as a salsa from Southwest France”.  But I did not want raw onions, raw garlic and habanero in my dinner.

To quote Mardi Michels I went rogue with this recipe.  I cooked the onions along with the peppers and added the garlic with the red wine vinegar.  It turned out perfect for fajitas.  I served these along with tequila chicken.  Everyone enjoyed the meal including my son.

Inspired by Liz Berg I made Dorie’s vanilla ice cream and warm caramel sauce.  Best vanilla ice cream ever, will definitely be making this again.

You can make these lovely recipes by picking up your copy of Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan.

Leeks Vinaigrette with Mimosa

Dorie’s directions were to find “young leeks, the youngest, thinnest you can find.”  I have never seen a young leek and the ones we bought were beyond young but still good.

I cooked my leeks for 20 minutes and I thought I over cooked them but they were still crispy when we ate them.  I found it difficult to cut the leeks, they were quite slippery for me.  Maybe a serrated knife would have been better.  We enjoyed the vinaigrette.  I substituted sunflower oil for the walnut oil as that is what I had on hand.  I thought the grated hard boiled egg over the top was a nice touch.  My husband enjoyed this dish.  As to the cooking techniques he said “who thinks of this stuff?”  I said the French.  If nothing else this group has expanded our repertoire of eating and cooking techniques.  I also think it is a lot of fun.  Link to the recipe

My family clearly likes my cooking adventures as I received Around My French Table as a birthday gift.  Let the cooking continue.

Tuna Rillettes

I missed the part of the directions that said “albacore tuna is too firm and dry”.  All I had in my house was albacore tuna in water.  The texture seemed grainy and I am guessing that an oil based tuna would have been better.  I added more creme fraiche to compensate for the lack of fat and I think it helped but not enough.  There is something about this recipe that does not sit right for me.  I am not sure if it is the sharpness of the shallot (maybe I used too much) or the curry powder.  Normally I like all these ingredients but maybe not together in this recipe.