Salmon Rillettes

I am fresh back from vacation, a Caribbean cruise, and adjusting to life back on land and in the kitchen again.  I did a make-up recipe this week for French Fridays with Dorie as I had most of the ingredients for it.  My head is still in a fog and on the wrong time zone but despite that I still made something good.

This salmon rillettes recipe contains; smoked salmon, salmon filet poached, shallot, butter, lemon rind and Chile pepper.  I had all the ingredients nicely laid out but neglected to put the lemon rind and Chile pepper in the poaching liquid.  Life back on land…

Despite my hiccups, the rillettes turned out delicious.  I had read all your comments prior to making this recipe so I used some of your knowledge while making this.  I used twice as much salmon fillet as needed due to Betsy’s comments at A Plateful of Happiness.  I watched the video post by Kathy at Bakeaway with Me and I learned to rinse the shallot first to get some of the bitterness out.  I neglected to do this with the tuna rillettes and it made a big difference.  I halved the recipe and it still made a lot. Luckily I love salmon and it was the one fish that I did not have on vacation.

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